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MMT: how to funds the NHS (and other public services)

22 March 2023
The NHS crisis The NHS has worked well over the decades, supposedly the envy of the world. So what has changed over the last 70-odd

MMT full employment

MMT: Full employment and the Job Guarantee (JG)

17 March 2023
What is the Job Guarantee? Modern Money Theory's (MMT) description of the economy leads to one of its core policies, that the government can guarantee

Government Debt = Nation's wealth

MMT: No black hole, no National debt

10 March 2023
National Debt key points The National Debt is not a debt, it is not "owed" back The National Debt is money in the economy that

Austerity kills

MMT: The alternative to austerity

5 March 2023
Austerity is deliberate and manufactured by government. Austerity also kills. But economists have been aware of alternatives to austerity for nearly 50 years, that focus

No taxpayers money

MMT: Taxes do not fund spending

1 March 2023
Spend, invest and tax "There is no such thing as public money; there is only taxpayers' money." -- Margaret Thatcher (Speech to Conservative Party Conference,

One Pound Coins

Modern Money Theory: Main points

23 February 2023
Modern Money Theory can be quite complicated, for which it is recommended that you refer to additional articles. But the main points of MMT are

Trickle down economics explained

The "Trussonomics is a form of MMT" myth

12 February 2023
A number of commentators are suggesting that Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng's budget (the biggest tax cut since 1972) have embarked on a form of

money notes plates

MMT: The "printing money causes inflation" myth

7 February 2023
One of the most common, but ill-informed criticisms of Modern Money Theory (MMT), is that if the government just prints money and spends as much

US Department of the treasury seal

The "MMT is not new or original" myth

4 February 2023
What's new in MMT Taxes and issuances of securities are not a source of funds for government spending “Deficit financing” is not an appropriate terminology

Parliament at Westminister Palace

The "no-one believes in MMT" myth

1 February 2023
Some Modern Money Theory Proponents William Mitchell (Web site) Professor of economics at the University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia L Randall Wray (On

The "Where does the money come from" myth

27 January 2023
In Modern Money Theory, it is a myth that the government: Has to borrow and tax before it has enough money to spend. Spends /

Balance budget scales

The "economy as a household" myth

22 January 2023
Many people have likened a country's economy to that of a household: you can spend only what you have saved or borrowed. While it is

Red herring

The fallacies of critics of MMT

19 January 2023
A "fallacy" is a flawed argument. When you read about MMT, you will find lots of different opinions, unfortunately some of them are deliberate fallacies

The National Debt

What is Modern Money Theory (MMT)

12 January 2023
Modern Money Theory (MMT) describes aspects of the economy that affect all of us, such as: Government spending (how money enters the economy) Taxation (how

gold coins

The motive behind this website

1 September 2022
I am a 62-year-old teacher of maths and science, who finds economics quite dull. Tax returns fill me with dread, and until recently, I didn't

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